What’s with the president’s need to apologize over yonder to whomever and for whatever?

Reportedly, according to leaks from Wikileaks that have not received much dissemination in the USA, …  on a visit to Japan early in his presidency President Obama wanted to apologize  in Nagazaki and Hiroshima for America having dropped Atomic  bombs there. (!?)

What’s with Obama continually apologizing here and yonder as if he is America’s Apologizer-in-Chief. 

Very strange.


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  1. The first American President to bow to a king can’t seem to figure it out that those bombs, terrible as they were, most probably saved an incredible number of lives. But then again, he is the leader of the hate America first brigade.

  2. Just of the plan to weaken America’s international profile. How sad to have an America-hater in the White House.

    It is interesting to note that the planned apology was nixed by the Japanese government – who has the common sense to realize that with the nuclear weapons growth evinced by Russia, China, India et.al.
    a plausible deterrent is required in the Asian sphere. Everyone of course understands this except the clueless inhabitant of the Oval Office and his insipid minions.

    • It took someone from the Japanese side to show commonsense, yes, Main.
      It all goes back to significant numbers of people voting in the last presidential election against the then current president, and not specifically for the current president… So a relatively inexperienced and naive candidate was elected to such an important position… Remains to be seen if people will do better in next year’s election.

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