American troops in Uganda for the sake of American presidential politics?

PanAm is not an Isolationist, really, but an overextended American military ought not to become engaged    in yet another military conflict overseas, and especially not for the sake seemingly of American presidential election politics. …  The politically unsettling death and destruction in the Middle East and northern Africa still rages, and now more conflict?  …


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  1. Yes this i s indeed a bad idea and not a first of. The US supported the UN’s use of Guatemalan Kaibils Spec Ops. That unit was wiped out.
    Granted that was a squad not 100 but squad or platoon ops in the realm of the LRA is by no stretch of the imagination a good idea.

  2. Maine nailed it yet again. Our forces are already stretched pretty thin and adding yet another theater of operations is probably not a very wise thing to be doing.

    Then there is the issue of motivation. Is this indeed nothing more than a political ploy? If so, then this is yet another slap in the face of our troops. American blood being shed for the sake of some legacy or election is quite simply immoral.

  3. This is an unbelievably bad idea – no surprise, considering its source. Committing 100 “special ops” U.S. troops without any support units or backup heavy hitters in a completely unstable environment such as Uganda (whose government has made no significant progress in their two-decade “war” against revolutionaries) is simply asking for a disaster. A replay of the “Black Hawk Down” Somalian farce is the worst possible scenario for the U.S. since our military forces are being stretched too thin to adequately perform the current missions assigned to them. And not even considering the ramifications of inserting what could be considered a “hit team” into a foreign country to aid in the capture/killing of the leader of a domestic uprising.

    This foolhardy action will not end well.

    • Maine, just when it seems not another bad decision would come from the administration, another one arises. You concisely and wisely explain the scenario.

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