Republican Party debates: debilitating “demolition derby” debacles or?

Ahhh, American politics at its best, or worse. …

In Nevada ,  yet another traveling circus venue for the Republican presidential contenders and pretenders– the pretenders merely “Don Quixotes”  swinging away at windmills. …   A few others  interested in tripping and ripping up the front-runners for the sake of pleasing esoteric Republican segments of the electorate, while still others serving solely as stalking horses for their compadres…  In the end — there will be an end, right? — will any Republican really win, or will the Democratic Party be the ultimate winner as a result of the Republican Party’s self-inflicted wounds?

Why did the Republican Party agree to this format of  “101” debates?


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  1. Hello, have been reading but not writing, I for one like all the debates, and maybe when they finish whoever wins will get the complete support of everyone else running because they all had plenty of chances to try to get support and win.

    • Thank you. Your particular perspective is appreciated, and for the good of the Grand Old Party, maybe when the end of the line come for the debates, your assessment will be borne out…

  2. It would be helpful if Republican candidates would spend less time degrading each other and more time offering meaningful explanations of their solutions for the problems facing America. So far, only Herman Cain has made efforts in this direction and the others have predictably castigated him for it. To me, Mr. Cain is the only candidate offering substance and solutions – probably because he is not a politician and not vague and evasive for fear a couple of people will not like him taking a stand on something. That’s enough reason for me to vote for him …. but I am not a registered Republican and therefore barred from the primaries. Seems to me that should be changed and independents allowed to vote in either or both Party primaries. Might result in some common sense when it comes to electing challengers and break the “lock” that Party establishments have on nominations.

    • I too am registered independent, Maine, and see the problem also of independents often locked out across the country from participating — as you suggest, could bring common sense to the matter if allowed.

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