Person of the Week: Khaled bin Talal, Saudi Prince — sabotages American interests and safety

Of course it is all about family and self preservation, this prince from the “Royal Family” of Saudi Arabia reportedly  pledging millions for the capture of a single Israeli soldier so that he might be exchanged for Arab murderers and terrorists currently in prison for violent activities against Israel…  But these kinds of actions show why it is difficult for the average American to trust the Saudi leadership when clearly the people in charge over there have no compunction about spending some of the billions they make off Americans purchasing their oil, in order to undermine our interests and sabotage our safety so that they themselves can stay in power.


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  1. This sort of duplicity has been going on for decades and American lives have been lost as a result of it. It has been said many times before that we do not choose our friends wisely enough…

  2. Agreed.

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