Thank you, Governor Perry, for shooting the Republican Party on the proverbial foot?

It has been suggested on this page more than once that in the march to winning the presidential election 2012, in essence, the Republican Party has nothing to fear, but itself! …   Now, according to several sources, the latest shots to the proverbial Republican foot have come from within the Perry political camp. … 

PanAm likes Governor Perry, but being that he seems to be desperate because of his overall substandard debating performance on-stage alongside his competitors, are his people burning all bridges to civility and common sense by striking out viciously at his Party compatriots? … First they struck Mitt Romney on the religious issue —  now, reportedly they surreptitiously publicize accusations   against Herman Cain. . ..

If Governor Perry wins the Republican Party nomination, because his camp sought to win at all costs, he will have won the battle, but will likely lose  the war in November 2012 due to the disunity he hath wrought.   If someone else wins, that winner will be so wounded from the Perry shots that he will limp across the finish line in second place —  to Obama, of course.

Just sayin’


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  1. Perry is indeed doing a disservice to the Republican Party and is exhibiting a lack of leadership in concentrating on faulting his competitors, rather than standing on his own achievements. He is a disappointment to me and not the type of person that I would want to see in the White House.

    • Maine, Perry has been a huge dissappointment and has indeed shown a lack a leadership… Rather than concentrating on his positives as you suggest, he has allowed his rhetoric and that of his supporters to appeal to the lowest “instincts”, apparently believing that the possible ends justify any means to get there. It’s a shame, for him and most importantly, a detriment to his Party..

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