Joe Pa miscalculated: he ought to have retired as soon as the arrests were made

“Joe Pa”, the face of Penn State football for decades, in effect, seems to have chosen to overlook the vile acts reported to him way back about a trusted friend and former assistant, in order at the time (and beyond) to spare himself and the university some “bad publicity” — in his quest to become the winningest football coach, in this case he seemingly chose to put on moral “blinders” and abdicated his responsibilities as a decent human being. … He “covered up”, thus more innocent people were hurt, and rightly so was fired. …   For goodness sake, from the beginning he should have put the facts out and let the chips fall, wherever. …
Just sayin.




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  1. Moral decay on exhibition. At least this particular problem was not covered up. And yet, there are some who protest his firing ……..

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