Just another Obama Campaign 2012 “photo op” decision?: token American troops to Australia

Yes, looks like it. …  For several years he ignored China’s expanding influence in several continents, but now to try to mollify criticism   during the current presidential campaign period, President Obama makes a gesture of being on top of the changing landscape in AsiaPacific — which  for so long he apparently failed to understand…  

Not very convincing.


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  1. Election year politics I’m sure. Here’s the really weird thing though. For years we have had troops of various kinds in Australia doing training, liberty, and other such mundane things. So now we are “sending” a handful there? Probably more there on R&R right now!

    On a strategic level, we need a strong Australia, and if they need a bit of allied strength then we should provide that. There, as well as New Zealand. If / when, there is yet another major conflict in the greater Pacific region both nations will be both targets and jewels…

    • Your so right on this, Patrick… It has made sense for a long time to have a strategic presence there… And of course the R &R reference resonates with many militarymen, as well as the way you explain the announcement from Obama…

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