Why the “#@!*&;” are the “inmates” in control of so many American institutions?

Am I only one of  a relatively few who looks askance at the news media  reactions, as well as at the reactions of those who ostensibly are in charge of our American institutions, concerning protesters here and yonder?

A police officer douses with pepper spray some students who refuse to  obey lawful commands  and the press treats the incident as Auschwitz deja vu.  …  It is not unimaginable that before long someone will insist that the United Nations and the World Court take over the case of the U.C. Davis students v. the pepper spray. … 

And the ACLU too most assuredly will insist that the police officers receive capital punishment for their “dastardly deed” — and that the coddled University of California, Davis students have statues of their likenesses erected on campus . …  Books and T.V. appearances to follow. …  Anything else?! …

[Incidentally, as I recall, significant numbers of those in the news media were quite critical of  the peaceful, patriotic meetings of the “Tea Party Movement”, but now seem to glorify anything having to do with “Occupy this and that” gatherings.]


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  1. It is called “political correctness” friend…

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