Military service by osmosis — Newt Gingrich says: I’m not a chickenhawk because my father fought in Vietnam. …?

Speaker Gingrich is articulate and possesses a high intellect,  but ought to be truthful with the American people by repeating the answer he gave some years back about why he did not enlist to serve in the military during the Vietnam Conflict — he said then something to the effect that he did not “go” because as one individual he would not have made a difference.(!) …  Come on, Newt,  ‘fess up. …  You did not serve in Vietnam  because you thought others whose lives were less valuable than yours ought go in your place.


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  1. While I understand the feelings of many about this I can’t really hold not going across the pond against him. Or anyone else as far as that goes. At the time things in our nation were pretty confusing to say the least. The last thing that I wanted was some confused soul next to me in a fighting hole…

  2. Are you rubbed raw more that he didn’t enlist or that he was granted numerous deferments?

  3. It is a disgrace and a dishonor to shirk service only to send other peoples kids to fight in a war thats more …profitable…for the former speaker.

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