America in a new war in Libya and President Obama on vacation celebrating?

[photo from MAILONLINE]

Floundering: Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, participate in a reception in La Moneda Palace in Santiago, Chile, last night

It’s  a mess…..  Who’s in charge here and yonder, and what’s on second?


Potpourri Pan America: get re-elected 2012 — Bomb Libya to show I am a true American and not an Arab lover. (Obama?)… And more…



1. Nobel Peace prize winner President Obama involves America in a 3rd Arab War — while vacationing, and avoiding questions.  Emerging countries oppose bombing Libya   ,but Amr Moussa  just wants to be kingpin   because the Arab League eats their own?

2.  Who’s on first and what’s on second (?) — bomb first and decide who is in charge sometime later so as to blame someone else  in case publicity goes bad? Attaboys, attagirl…

3.  Chavez is twisting in the wind?    — “What now said the brown cow.”

4.  Yes, again, who’s on first and what’s on second…(?) — anyone feel discomfort and uneasy about the nation’s foreign policy (and domestic)?  Who are the federales? 

5.  Bombing Libya because of its oil!?  — but didn’t Obama chastise Bush?

“…,but what the hell do they stand for?…”, the pathetic Arab League representatives want a “mulligan” on Libya?!

 Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa (Photo credit, Creative Commons).

[Amr Moussa wanted to lead Egypt after Mubarak…  Now runs for the hills — to save his place in the Egyptian sun?…]

 Amr Moussa and his cronies seemingly want to backtrack and do a mulligan because they apparently did not foresee the consequences of their actions — actions that ought to have been paramount from the outset…  Pathetic fools and self-serving sycophants or something else?!

*****… “…,but what the hell do they stand for?…”, as written yesterday (and more) on this page…

Person(s) of the Week: Representatives of the League of Arab States: a “confused bunch”?

Yes, PERSON(s) of THE WEEK, the Arab League representatives!…   Pardon my French (pun intended), but what the hell do they stand for?  They demand that  the West let them run their business and their Lands their own way without interference from foreigners, then their representatives run crying for help to the West and to the French (yes, the French!) to come onto their lands to save them!  

PanAm is not advocating on behalf of Kadafi (or whatever they are calling him now), only drawing attention to  the warped logic of the representatives of the Arab League, an organization that one day might rue what they advocated if they come out looking as simply pawns of the West.