Kobe Bryant is not being politically correct by advertising for Turkish Airlines?

Kobe Bryant

[photo from Yahoo Sports]

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is a favorite basketball player of many but not a favorite of a significant number of others, each for various reason…   Recently it was reported that he had signed an agreement to promote Turkish Airlines… The signing has created a frenzy among activists in the Armenian-American community who since the Turkish-Armenian  War of the early part of the last century despise the Turks and demand apologies from the government of Turkey.

Depending on which side has the floor at a particular time, it is said that the Turks are the devils, or that the Armenians are…  It is a complicated mess  because some  refuse to let die the conflict from the old country during an old order, and perpetuate the unrest in the Land of Opportunity — though some do try to remediate between the antagonists and explain that the Ottoman Empire of the Turkish-Armenian War is not the same as modern Turkey.

Whatever truths there might or might not be in Turkish-Armenian assertions, the point from this perch is that it is abhorrent that anyone or any group insist that Mr. Bryant (or anyone) decline to enter into  a legal business deal, strictly because a self-described distinctive group in The United of America has a grudge against the other party in the venture…

Just sayin’…