Person of the Week: MSNBC Chris Matthews

Yes, he of the tingle-up-his-leg exhilaration (or something like that) —  for reportedly expressing some negative candid comments about President Obama…  The “thrill is gone”? …  MSNBC and Chris, the mouthpieces of the president and all things Democratic, the enchantment is waning, or is he simply seeking more access to the president’s inner circle ear?  …


Potpourri Pan America: from Obama’s birth certificate to dangers during Christmas, and more

Ponder This:

Obama Hawaii

[A.P. photo]

1.  Obama and family to vacation in Hawaii — heck, he’s the president — he can vacation here and yonder.

2.  Chris Matthews says, “do it”  — Tho’ not a “birther” nor usually in agreement with the MSNBC cable yeller, do agree that the president ought to authorize the release of his original long form birth certificate…  Why not?…

3.  The Christmas season could be dangerous — because you know who does not  believe in Christmas…

4.   Mexican Prison inmates escaped with prison guard help — they only wanted to spread holiday cheer, and collect christmas bonus from the criminal element?

5.   A touch of Latin American Christmas — just something that might lightly inform