Potpourri Pan America: Public employee union leaders are ruining the country? And more…


1.  With a leaky bucket, Secretary Gates has a difficult time trying to carry water for Pres. Obama     — Victory is going to be declared (as has been written on this page and elsewhere long ago.), come hell or high water…  Will American lives have died in vain because of poor leadership from the white house?  And, how about that Karzai!

2.  It takes all kinds to make a world   — but where is Darwin when you need him most!  Surely we know what this recently showered guy’s political persuasion is!…

3.  It’s not simply an action to break up unions — there are significant problems — even the good liberals in Massachusetts have come to understand economics….

4.  “Wonder boy” is at it again  — NPR is not a liberal bastion, bashing conservatives unabashedly?  Enough, already with the alliteration, and with NPR parading  as being apolitical…

5.  But  Will Kadafi get safe travel permission slip ?– how else will he get to Hugo or Fidel? Regardless, has President Obama mishandled the Libyan mess?


Baseball honcho Antonio Castro, son of Fidel: it’s a small world!


[Photo of Antonio Castro, from EL DIA, Bolivian newspaper]

Because the Press is flooding the print and air waves making instant herd analyses of who and what is up and whomever or whatever is down in Egypt, PANAM decided the world can afford to take a break from his own viewpoint for a day or more!…  Also, given that in the last month or so there have been countless hits on the PAN AMERICAN WORLD sports sites, today have decided to include at least a small piece about international sports… 

Antonio Castro, Vice president of the International Federation of Baseball:  it is being announced  in the Saturday February 5 edition of EL DIA newspaper of Bolivia that Major league Baseball of the U.S.A. is increasing its financial support of the organization in order to expand the development of baseball internationally… 

Reportedly this Mr. Castro is non other than a son of Cuban Communist leader Fidel…  Who’d a thunk it

Even Comrade Castro chimes in on catastrophe in Tucson

Fidel Castro[He blames George W. Bush and the Tea Party Movement and then goes on and on — not unlike the “leftists” amongst the American multitude.]  January 14th, 2011

The Reflections of Comrade Fidel
 Obama’s speech in Arizona
 Yesterday I listened to him when he spoke at the University of Tucson where homage was being paid to the 6 people murdered and the 14 wounded in the Arizona massacre, especially the Democratic congresswoman for that state, seriously wounded by a gunshot to the head. The victims of the shooting were definitely brave, each with their merit, and in general they were humble citizens; if it hadn’t been so, they wouldn’t have been there, defending the right of all Americans to medical care and opposing the anti-immigrant laws. 
It was the deed of an unbalanced person, drunk on the preaching of hatred that reigns in American society, where the fascist Tea Party has imposed its extremism on the Republican Party which, under the aegis of George W. Bush, led the world to where it is now, on the brink of the abyss.


Added to the disaster of wars was the greatest economic crisis in the history of the United States and a government debt that today is equal to 100% of the GDP, together with a monthly deficit totaling more than 80 billion dollars and again more homes being lost as a result of unpaid mortgages.  The prices of oil, metals, and food are progressively going up.  Lack of confidence in paper currency causes gold purchases to increase and there are quite a few people who see the price of gold ascending to $ 2,000 a Troy ounce.   There are some who even think it will reach $2,500. 
Climatic phenomena have worsened, with considerable losses to harvests in the Russian Federation, Europe, China, Australia, North and South America and in other areas, putting in danger the food supplies for more than 80 Third World countries, creating political instability in a growing number of them. 
The world is facing so many political, military, energy, food and environmental problems that there is no country wanting the United States to return to extremist positions that would increase the risks of nuclear war.
International condemnation of the crime in Arizona was almost unanimous, a crime that demonstrates an expression of that extremism.  No one expected the President of the United States to make an impassioned or confrontational speech, something that wouldn’t correspond to his style or with the domestic circumstances and the climate of irrational hatred that is prevailing in the United States.

The mother of a 9-year-old girl born on September 11th had courageously stated that the hatred unleashed in the world had to cease.  I do not harbor, any doubt in the least that the victims were worthy of recognition by the President of the United States, along with the citizens of Tucson, the students at the University and the doctors who, whenever events of this type occur, always unreservedly express the solidarity which human beings carry inside themselves.  The severely wounded congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, deserves the national and international accolade being given her.  Today, the medical team was continuing to give positive information on the state of her condition. 

Of course, Obama’s speech was lacking the moral condemnation of the policies which inspired such an act. 

I was trying to imagine how men such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt would have acted in similar circumstances, not to mention Lincoln who didn’t shrink from giving his famous Gettysburg Address. What other moment is the President of the United States waiting for to express the opinion that I am sure is being shared by the great majority of US people?

It is not a matter of the government of the United States lacking an exceptional personality to lead it.  What transforms a president into a historical personage, who has been able to reach that position because of his merits, does not lie in the person, but in the need for him at a determinate moment in the history of his nation.

Yesterday when he began his speech, he looked tense, and very much dependent on the written pages.  He soon recovered his calm, his usual command of the stage, and the precise words to express his ideas.  What he didn’t say was because he didn’t want to say it.  

For the delivery of well-written and just praise for those deserving it, he could be awarded a prize.

For a political speech, he left a lot to be desired.

Fidel Castro Ruz
January 13, 2011
7:38 p.m.