Person of the Week: Colin Powell, for being representative of people who don’t know when it’s time to “get off the stage”

Person of the Week, Colin Powell, for being one of those who wants so much to be relevant that he now seems, if not a buffoon, then at least a poor example of what he could be. …  His service during the Persian Conflict is appreciated and respected — but his service in the State Department (and thereafter) was a perfect example of those  pathetic ones who simply are more concerned with protecting and promoting their own image than looking after the wellbeing of the nation.

He makes it a point to blame the Tea Party for disunity in the nation?!  Give us a friggin’ freaking break, Mr. Powell — time to exit, … stage left, or right,  but exit. …


What role has the Obama Administration played in creating the current chaotic circumstances of North Africa/Middle East?

On this page as elsewhere for months it has been suggested sadly that the Obama Administration at best has misunderstood   and at worse, as well   , in like manner has misunderstood and  “mis-reacted” to the “Arab Spring” — and has almost   assuredly insured there would be  , as some have said, an “Arab Fall” (no personal pun intended).

From this perch it certainly appears that there have been failures  of significant proportions in presidential judgement, and consequently in American Policy.

Just sayin’. …

Just another Obama Campaign 2012 “photo op” decision?: token American troops to Australia

Yes, looks like it. …  For several years he ignored China’s expanding influence in several continents, but now to try to mollify criticism   during the current presidential campaign period, President Obama makes a gesture of being on top of the changing landscape in AsiaPacific — which  for so long he apparently failed to understand…  

Not very convincing.

Person(s) of the Week: The Islamists

Yes, for better or for worse, the winners of the “Arab Spring” are the Islamists, bringing  to the countries in turmoil  a new governmental “order” , founded primarily  on Sharia Law… 

“Nuff said”.

The “Anti Zetas”: more of more violence in Mexico?

The Zetas is a criminal drug organization that began in Mexico and has had growing influence in the U.S.A.  

For a period of time, though, reportedly a vigilante anti Zeta group has evolved in Mexico and has become as ruthless as the Zetas seem to be.  It has been said that both organizations are made up of ex soldiers from the Mexican military. 

Will the anti Zetas succeed in bringing peace to Mexico — even though the Mexican military establishment has failed to do the same — or will the anti Zetas themselves add to the disfunctionality of Mexican society? …

American troops in Uganda for the sake of American presidential politics?

PanAm is not an Isolationist, really, but an overextended American military ought not to become engaged    in yet another military conflict overseas, and especially not for the sake seemingly of American presidential election politics. …  The politically unsettling death and destruction in the Middle East and northern Africa still rages, and now more conflict?  …

What’s with the president’s need to apologize over yonder to whomever and for whatever?

Reportedly, according to leaks from Wikileaks that have not received much dissemination in the USA, …  on a visit to Japan early in his presidency President Obama wanted to apologize  in Nagazaki and Hiroshima for America having dropped Atomic  bombs there. (!?)

What’s with Obama continually apologizing here and yonder as if he is America’s Apologizer-in-Chief. 

Very strange.