Chinese ethnic American in California shamelessly “scams” his Chinese “compatriots”?


In a confusing scenario, David Li Chen from California seemingly conned  a group of Chinese educators from the Guangdong Province in China into believing the foreign educators owned a public high school in southern California — where the foreign contingent believed they were well on the way to starting an American charter school at the particular site.

Mr. Chen defended himself by saying it was simply a misunderstanding, … but reportedly he also made contradictory and inconsistent statements that seemed to leave the impression that he was not being honest about the whole embarrassing episode. …

In certain financial matters, whether  involving Chinese Americans or other ethnic Americans, it sometimes seems that  those who take the most advantage of any particular ethnic group in the United States of America, are themselves members of the same ethnic group.

Just sayin’.


The enforcement of immigration laws of the U.S.A. depends on “who you know” and on political expediency?

Photo from Framingham, Mass PD

The illegal immigration problem of the United States of America will never be solved because the politically well “connected” get preferential treatment and because whomever occupies the Presidency needs the votes of those who favor illegal immigration?

Just sayin’. …

Foreigners take jobs from Americans, but want more?

The program seems to be run for the profit of the organizers (without proper explanation to the students that their work will be menial and lowly paid) and seems to lack the simplest of governmental oversight.  Plus, however many pie-in-the-sky platitudes are expressed about improving(!) cultural understanding with foreigners, Americans who are out of work and/or American students ought to be the ones being hired to work these  jobs.  Ship the ungrateful foreign students   back, and scrap the program if it is so poorly run. 

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President Obama Campaign 2012 Strategy — corrupt the deportation process for illegals

It surely seems that way. …  Maybe the view at the White House Campaign 2012 is that the Latino voters   rally to his side  and help him get re-elected. … 

Elected at any price, eh?

 Just sayin’.

California’s initial version of the “Dream Act” for illegal immigrant college students is signed into law.

The first installment of the “Dream Act”, California style, has been passed…   Tho’  this version apparently does not directly require that tax payer monies be spent on the financial aid for college students who are not citizens, it does permit private financial institutions to provide educational loans and assistance to illegal immigrants and forbids the same organizations from taking into consideration that the recipients of such college assistance are not citizens…

Some worry this law will make it more difficult for citizens to receive similar assistance from the financial institutions, and  that this is another step toward using public monies in scholarships for illegal immigrants, particularly during this time of economic difficulties…

Mr. Humberto Leal, executed by the State of Texas: justice served?

Regarding the recent execution of Mr. Humberto Leal by the the State of Texas, contrary to all the smoke screens and possible political posturing for the sake of politics 2012, all ought to bear in mind that he received  his punishment after exhausting all his appeals and dragging his case through the courts since 1994 – after committing deadly heinous crimes in San Antonio, Texas against a young lady  named Adria Saucedo…  The State of Texas, various courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed this case, over and over again…  Justice served?… 

Just sayin’…

Person of the Week: Ollante Humala, leftist elected president of Peru

[Photo from ChinaDaily]: 

Ollante Humala , Person of the Week —  elected  president of Peru — and ostensibly his election presents for the Obama Administration yet another failure of American foreign Policy in the Latin region… 

It has been suggested before on this page and elsewhere that  American foreign policy in many respects is in disarray, and that vis-a-vis Mexico, specifically, and Latin America, in general, the United States of America is losing ground not only to narco terrorists, but to  the influence of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Now another Latin American country turns sharply left — in the mold of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales?