Person(s) of the Week: parents of Luís Santos – Luís was killed in an attack involving the son of a political ally of Arnold Schwarzenegger

[A.P. photo]

Along with his associates, Esteban, the son of Fabian Nuñez, attacked some college students because the attackers were not permitted to attend a private student party…  Nuñez is an ex Speaker of the Assembly in California…  In the attack, a student died and others suffered serious knife wounds…  For his violent actions, the Court gave Mr. Nuñez’s son 16 years in prison,  but in the last hours of his governorship, Arnold Schwarzenegger lessened the sentence to 7 years…

Mr. and Mrs. Santos, parents of Luis Santos ( who died in the knifings), for various reasons have filed suit to overturn Schwarzenegger’s  reduction of sentence — including that it appears the action was taken by the governator as a crass political move to help the son of  his political crony, Mr. Nuñez. 

The Santoses are commended for attempting to right a wrong…


Person of the Week: Roman Polanski


[photo from Wikipedia, 2005]   

Proof that if a person has enough money and clout in certain circles, can buy a victim’s loyalty and outrun the law long enough,  there will be some in the system who will find a way to let him skate away

An example like this just makes it a lot more difficult to explain justice to people in general and to those with little or no money who rot in jail for lesser crimes.