President Obama Campaign 2012 Strategy — corrupt the deportation process for illegals

It surely seems that way. …  Maybe the view at the White House Campaign 2012 is that the Latino voters   rally to his side  and help him get re-elected. … 

Elected at any price, eh?

 Just sayin’.


Potpourri Pan America: muchachos, vote President Obama in 2012; and more…


1.  It’s 2012 election campaign time, folks  — so the White House wants immigration reform, to get the Latino vote?…  He’s already bombed Libya to portray himself as a strong Commander-in-Chief, now, let’s get them votes, muchachos

2.  “Three Cups of Tea” of fallacy? — who picked this guy to help set our Afghanistan policy? 

3.  S and  P says not so good and Obama Campaign 2012 says it’s all political? — by the way, why isn’t the press complaining about the high gas prices?  Oh, they still want to blame Bush?!!!  Give America a friggin’ break Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric and company!!!

4.  What happened to “transparency” in government? — where is the change that was promised?  It’s worse than it ever was….

5.  Pres. Obama says: don’t ask me no stinking questions? — America is being treated as a Third World banana republic — come on, Mr. and Mrs. news anchors, speak up, you have the freedom to be independent…