President Obama and Attorney General Holder undermine American values, traditions and laws

Under President Obama the Feds are undermining the U.S. Constitution and attempting to stifle any dissent against his doing so… True Americans stand up against such tyranny or future generations will never know what liberty and freedom was… Notice what they are doing to Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona…


Potpourri Pan America: Spanish soldiers are Sons of the American Revolution?; and more


1.  The Obama White House not so transparent — how many can say “I told you so”, but why hasn’t the majority of the news media made much of fuss about it?

2.  Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio currently a formidable possible candidate — contender for the upcoming open senate office in Arizona…  Run Joe run, Run Joe run!!!???

3.  Bolivian Leader Evo Morales meets his “Agua Loo” — Yes, Mr. indigenous leader of the indigenous people of Bolivia might be losing his karma…

4.  Spiegel belatedly praises Bush? —  yup. sounds like it, but who else does?

5.  Spanish soldiers recognized as “sons of the American Revolution”?! —  the New World made strange bedfellows or is it something else?