The “Anti Zetas”: more of more violence in Mexico?

The Zetas is a criminal drug organization that began in Mexico and has had growing influence in the U.S.A.  

For a period of time, though, reportedly a vigilante anti Zeta group has evolved in Mexico and has become as ruthless as the Zetas seem to be.  It has been said that both organizations are made up of ex soldiers from the Mexican military. 

Will the anti Zetas succeed in bringing peace to Mexico — even though the Mexican military establishment has failed to do the same — or will the anti Zetas themselves add to the disfunctionality of Mexican society? …


Mexico’s President Calderon “berates” the U.S.A. for insatiable drug use

As previously has been written on this page and many others: 

Drug use is rampant. 

With apologizes to all Libertarians, and not intending to praise Calderon, …  in certain issues —  such as the ones dealing with illegal drug use — America needs to reassess its priorities and policies and swing to a new tack because its currently lackadaisical course is harming national security and everyone’s overall health and safety, as well as helping destroy the civil society of our neighbor to the south. 

Another deteriorating, dysfunctional country, this one adjacent to our border, is of course  not beneficial  to the citizens of either country.

Mr. Humberto Leal, executed by the State of Texas: justice served?

Regarding the recent execution of Mr. Humberto Leal by the the State of Texas, contrary to all the smoke screens and possible political posturing for the sake of politics 2012, all ought to bear in mind that he received  his punishment after exhausting all his appeals and dragging his case through the courts since 1994 – after committing deadly heinous crimes in San Antonio, Texas against a young lady  named Adria Saucedo…  The State of Texas, various courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed this case, over and over again…  Justice served?… 

Just sayin’…


Latin American regional powers waffle in supporting a Latin American candidate for IMF head

For all the talk about the importance of promoting Latin American cohesiveness  in order  to advance the Latin perspective and influence in world affairs,  some major regional powers remain silent rather than supporting a regional candidate for the position of head of the International Monetary Fund…  Regional solidarity or nationalistic  jealousy?


Person of the Week: Ollante Humala, leftist elected president of Peru

[Photo from ChinaDaily]: 

Ollante Humala , Person of the Week —  elected  president of Peru — and ostensibly his election presents for the Obama Administration yet another failure of American foreign Policy in the Latin region… 

It has been suggested before on this page and elsewhere that  American foreign policy in many respects is in disarray, and that vis-a-vis Mexico, specifically, and Latin America, in general, the United States of America is losing ground not only to narco terrorists, but to  the influence of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Now another Latin American country turns sharply left — in the mold of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales?


Person of the Week: Sara Salazar

 Sara Salazar

[AP photo]

Person of the Week:  Sara Salazar, from the state of Chihuahua in northern Mexico across from El Paso, Texas — though she and her family are under attack from criminal entities in their country, at great personal peril they persist in their struggle…

Her daughter, Mexican human rights activist Josefina Reyes Salazar was killed last year presumably by lawless elements who opposed her campaign against the violence currently pervasive in Mexican society —   and yesterday, the dead bodies of two of her siblings and of a sister-in-law were found in the area of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.  They were reportedly killed to keep others from continuing to complain about the deterioration of law and order in Mexico in general  and to keep the family  from speaking up against the criminals and against those governmental agencies who wish that they would cease drawing attention to Mexico’s problems.

Violence in the Middle East deserves attention, but the upheavals so close to America’s border must not be overlooked…


Potpourri Pan America: ElBaradai, a neutered lap dog for Obama or……? And more…


1.  1974: Time Magazine says world climate is  getting colder — how ’bout them cold apples, Mr. TIME man, you were right, talk to Al , why don’t you…  The world is always getting warmer and colder …   [Anyone old enough to remember the Ice Age? (just kidding.)]…  Or,  as the “Witch Doctor” says, it’s too hot because it’s too cold…    We’re freezing because we’re burning,  or something like that!…   I get it — huh?…

2.  First Matthews get a thrill up his leg from Obama and now Bill does the same for him… — what’s up with Chris?!

3.  The Obama Administration is very secretive because it is very open —  Rep. Issa has to understand that it is very hot, because it is very cold…  Mr.Issa, you can do it, turn the heat up even more altho’  it is very cold…  It’s a conundrum within an enigma (or something like that) that can be solved with a few subpoenas and Hearings from the Super Issa man…

4.  It’s not bad enough that Mexico is drowning in bad government and drugs   — but is also easily slurred, with no critique from the main liberal news media… 

5.  Obama no real friend of Israel  ?– Israel was right in its assessment?…

6.  El Baradai, is he a lap dog of President Obama?   — and will the Muslim Brotherhood neuter him quickly  and attack Israel, or has Mohamed already been done?!