Military service by osmosis — Newt Gingrich says: I’m not a chickenhawk because my father fought in Vietnam. …?

Speaker Gingrich is articulate and possesses a high intellect,  but ought to be truthful with the American people by repeating the answer he gave some years back about why he did not enlist to serve in the military during the Vietnam Conflict — he said then something to the effect that he did not “go” because as one individual he would not have made a difference.(!) …  Come on, Newt,  ‘fess up. …  You did not serve in Vietnam  because you thought others whose lives were less valuable than yours ought go in your place.


“Bleeding red ink”, Gingrich charges his campaign for the use of his own donor lists!

Say what?! …  Give us a friggin’ break, why don’t you, Team Callista and Newt!!! :  “One of his campaign’s creditors is Gingrich himself. The campaign owes him $47,005 for its use of mailing lists owned by the former Georgia congressman.”

What is it Mr.  Gingrich, Callista needs more  luxury items from Tiffany’s?

Get out of town, why don’t you, you are hurting your party. 

Just sayin’.

U. S. Rep. Anthony Weiner: his “private” morals have no effect on his public job?

Some might say that the “private”  varying actions of some of the representatives of the people — such as Schwarzeneggar, Ensign, Spitzer, Gingrich, Weiner, et al — have no effect on the public work they do “for the people” and ought not matter to voters when these kinds of politicians run for office or remain in office… 

The French for years have tolerated or ignored or enjoyed politicians who are different animals in private than they are in public, so people such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn apparently for years have been allowed to thrive in that political system…

Don’t the perverted “private” morals exhibited by some elected officials have a deleterious effect on the body politic and on how they “govern” ,  and so is it not best to remove from office as soon as possible those politicians who cross the line?…

Republicans Gingrich, Schwarzeneggar, Ensign, 3 peas in a putrid political pod — are there others?

But they have repented, mended their ways and sought forgiveness, so let’s let bygones be bygones because their personal failings brought no harm, no foul to the body politic!?   Republicans, from the party of Family Values, deserve much better —  you think?

Furthermore, a bit long the political slogan, but how does this sound, “Vote Gingrich for president 2012 because he’s only like  every other American, an imperfect Christian, and his current wife was on the church choir when he met her…”?!

Person of the Week Newt Gingrich — Demos: the Party of Food Stamps / Repubs: the Party of Paychecks

Although the writer is not necessarily a proponent of Newt Gingrich, he is selected the Person of the Week for proposing that the Demos are the “Party of Food Stamps” and the Repubs the “Party of Paychecks”…  Catchy, and so in the “world of sound bites” the phrase communicates concisely and memorably the choices he sees between the two political parties — during the current political campaign…