Poor duplicitous, sniveling Dan Rather, still hocking his “fake documents”

At the same time Danny boy Rather unconvincingly pleads on T.V. and newsprint that he is wiser and holds no animosity toward CBS and his critics, he continues peddling his “fake documents” story, absurdly in such a manner apparently trying to rewrite history…  

Little doubt from this perch that CBS NEWS “signed off” on the original news segment attacking George W. Bush’s military record, and that Dan Rather was jettisoned once the public outcry arose over the fake documents,  but undoubtedly Danny Boy Rather was the duplicitous  instigator of it all and no amount of bellyaching and of  “rewriting copy” will change that…



Military service by osmosis — Newt Gingrich says: I’m not a chickenhawk because my father fought in Vietnam. …?

Speaker Gingrich is articulate and possesses a high intellect,  but ought to be truthful with the American people by repeating the answer he gave some years back about why he did not enlist to serve in the military during the Vietnam Conflict — he said then something to the effect that he did not “go” because as one individual he would not have made a difference.(!) …  Come on, Newt,  ‘fess up. …  You did not serve in Vietnam  because you thought others whose lives were less valuable than yours ought go in your place.

Person of the Week: Jean Quan, Oakland, California mayor

Person of the week — Oakland mayor Jean Quan (symbolic of current California and national political “leadership”), whose roots as a liberal community activist  have shown again that such a political philosophy,  in large measure devoid of commonsense, does not help in solving urban problems but rather leads to a more fertile breeding ground for community decay and disfunctionality. …



Person of the Week: Khaled bin Talal, Saudi Prince — sabotages American interests and safety

Of course it is all about family and self preservation, this prince from the “Royal Family” of Saudi Arabia reportedly  pledging millions for the capture of a single Israeli soldier so that he might be exchanged for Arab murderers and terrorists currently in prison for violent activities against Israel…  But these kinds of actions show why it is difficult for the average American to trust the Saudi leadership when clearly the people in charge over there have no compunction about spending some of the billions they make off Americans purchasing their oil, in order to undermine our interests and sabotage our safety so that they themselves can stay in power.

Conservatives: “Listen up”! Pat Robertson could be right

PanAm is not necessarily a big fan of evangelist Pat Robertson, but, as reported,  he is right about the Republican extremist conservative electorate often pushing the candidates too far to the right during their primary,  … which afterwards places the eventual winner in a predicament during the general election.

Person(s) of the Week: The Islamists

Yes, for better or for worse, the winners of the “Arab Spring” are the Islamists, bringing  to the countries in turmoil  a new governmental “order” , founded primarily  on Sharia Law… 

“Nuff said”.

Republican Party debates: debilitating “demolition derby” debacles or?

Ahhh, American politics at its best, or worse. …

In Nevada ,  yet another traveling circus venue for the Republican presidential contenders and pretenders– the pretenders merely “Don Quixotes”  swinging away at windmills. …   A few others  interested in tripping and ripping up the front-runners for the sake of pleasing esoteric Republican segments of the electorate, while still others serving solely as stalking horses for their compadres…  In the end — there will be an end, right? — will any Republican really win, or will the Democratic Party be the ultimate winner as a result of the Republican Party’s self-inflicted wounds?

Why did the Republican Party agree to this format of  “101” debates?