Person of the Week: Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez

Chavez, Person of the Week… With caution in mind but realism and practicality at hand, whether sooner or later, when Hugo Chavez recedes from the political scene, what comes next for Venezuela?  Anarchy, continuation of the same leftist policies of the international gadfly Hugo, or a turn to democratic principles and the reinstitution of  western style economic patterns? 

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Person of the Week: Ollante Humala, leftist elected president of Peru

[Photo from ChinaDaily]: 

Ollante Humala , Person of the Week —  elected  president of Peru — and ostensibly his election presents for the Obama Administration yet another failure of American foreign Policy in the Latin region… 

It has been suggested before on this page and elsewhere that  American foreign policy in many respects is in disarray, and that vis-a-vis Mexico, specifically, and Latin America, in general, the United States of America is losing ground not only to narco terrorists, but to  the influence of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Now another Latin American country turns sharply left — in the mold of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales?

Potpourri Pan America: “bomb baby, bomb” — we need more votes — “Macho, macho man,…”!


1.  Iraq not yet settled but send   the weary military and stressed, expensive weaponry  into another war?  Are reasons given consistent or factual , or is Obama acting like a  Bush-Lite simply the start of campaign 2012?  His military leadership skills were reportedly viewed by the American public as almost wholly lacking recently — more macho image needed, so send in the military as a military tool, maybe!  Not comfortable here about the president’s decisions and the process of getting there…

2.  Will this policy encourage illegal immigration? —   the president simply does  not seem to want to seal the U.S. border…  “Come on up, we’d love to have you”?

3.  What would the news media say if Bush were still president?!  —  but  probably they will say it’s still Bush’s  fault…  Rolling Stone stories roll right along…

4.  Look out, Arab end time is near? — what’s with Iran and the clergy! 

5.  President Obama “just” returned from South America and Hugo Chavez nonetheless is being “awarded” there. —  will Venezuela be bombed next?  It “is” the beginning of election season…

Potpourri Pan America:

 Has anyone seen this man in Libya or traveling abroad with a blond, voluptuous nurse at his side? A handsome rascal he is, you say…

1.  Kadafi going to Hugo and both going where? — Kadafi is under siege

2.  Rush does not mince words — does Rush have a point?

3.  Wisconsin students can’t read?   — Blame the teachers or the newly elected governor?

4.  Anotherone who does not mince words — “Rummy” still tells it like it is…

5.  Evo also on the run?   — The indigenous leader finds out it’s harder to govern than to exhort.

Potpourri Pan American: From Hugo Chavez taking steps against the internet, to Evo Morales, to questions about America’s lack of forsight in Latin America, and more.

Ponder This:

16th UN Summit on Climate Change

(Morales: photo from The Guardian)

1.  Hugo also is managing  the Internet — not only is the U.S. A. regulating the net, but Hugo Chavez too is at work…  Chavez is managing to silence his critics, including the press, and now wants to control the internet.

2.  Kidnapping “cottage industry” in Mexico still paying dividends— Mexico at America’s door, in peril.  Where are the Federales?…

3.  Gun rights proponents rejoice — some ARE responsive.

4.  Hudson Institute:  no Obama-Clinton major initiative for Latin America — what has been said on this page and by many others: America is merely a bystander in current Latin American affairs?

5.  Council on Foreign Relations  — interesting data about Latin .

6.  Evo Morales at the past Cancun Climate Conference — if you missed it, Morales (Bolivia) still relishing being the center of controversy as well as being enigmatic and someone to be feared?

Potpourri Pan America: from Russians missiles in Venezuela to Bolivia nationalizing businesses and “Dream Actors” replacing old white men, and more


1.  “Dream Actors” will replace old white men   —  what is being wrought?

2.  Texas Democrats switch Parties?  —  more fallout from November Elections…

3.  Commendable for British immigrants to collect gov’t benefits  and then send part of their left over income to relatives abroad?!  Says who?

4.  Palestinians unilaterally to declare their own state ?  And Argentina Brazil, Uruguay have already recognized their state…  Who’s asleep at the wheel?

5.  Bolivia continues to  nationalize businesses —  anyone keeping tabs?…..

6.  Violence during religious festivals  — not in the Middle East, in Mexico…

7.  1,800 antiaircraft missiles from Russia to Venezuela — Who’s asleep at the wheel?  And it also has been said that Iran is planning to place missiles in Hugo Land that can reach the U.S.A.

8.  Iran tests missiles from subs to air — they can continue to create havoc in the Middle East.

Potpourri Pan America: Headline news – Elian Gonzalez, the Mexica Movement, Oliver Stone, Obama, Chavez and more


1.  The previous administration would be under attack   —  however advisable the program might have been, if it had instituted this.

 2.  The bear is still roaming  — looking for weaknesses, like in the Cold War, but the button has been reset, no?

 3.  Obama pledged a new relationship with Venezuela  — but has gotten little in return?   Oliver Stone gets into the act.

 4.  A different perspective, quite.   – Nican Tlaca: something to interpret and evaluate. Different/ be ready…

5.  Remembering:   Elian Gonzales –  Who is he and where is he now?