Potpourri Pan America: Headline news — the racial and ethnic voting blocs for November are stirred up, and more


1.  Quotas – gender and race in financial bill…  It’s all about racial/ethnic/gender politics for November?

2.  Michelle marches to the White House bloc voting political tune      —  get the Black vote in November, she says!  [First Lady in a past visit to Kenya.]

Obamas in Kenya

3.  .  Stossel, redone: on Breitbart — previously covered a similar topic on this page on June 30, 2010: “Coo coo” thinking, but many don’t notice?.

4.  Healthcare — July 12, 2010, Rasmussen Poll: 53% favor repeal of the Law…

5.  American people lack confidence on Obama — so stir up the Black and Latino communities for November is a goal of the White House…


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  1. Good round up. I think the author of the Stossel related link is a little harsh but Stossel is indeed a complete libertarian.

    On a point of possible mutual interest. I saw in the latest “e’ edition of Foreign Policy that the 20 Bad Guys article has Chavez #17.

  2. Once again, Obama is proving that he is far from the unifying savior of his campaign rhetoric, but instead is a purely political creature who will employ every strategy, no matter how despicable, to achieve his goal of destroying the America that he detests and replacing it with a “utopia” that rivals Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

  3. Re: stirring up the Black and Latino communities to swing them toward re-electing Obama:

    As a previous coach (softball and volleyball), I have seen opposition teams whose main objective is to disable their opponents during the game, i.e. tripping, trash talking, using the ball as a projectile in an attempt to injure or sideline a player, etc.

    Here is the deal, the coach who encourages the players in these obtuse methods, is creating conflict in his players. When a player is not focused on the game, things go awry. Negativity is created within the mind of the player whose main objective is to disable an opposing player, rather than follow the game rules and overcome through discipline, skill and talent.

    This analogy explains the use of racism and pitting different cultures against onother, specifically the upcoming Presidential elections. In Psychology, we strive to overcome negativity, as it becomes all consuming and takes the player out of the game of life.

    There is a lot of luck at play in sports; generally a focused team will be able to honor the game by playing within the rules and to the best of their collective abilities. So goes the political arena.

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